Talcual Films is an independent production company based in the United States and Spain. Talcual, meaning “as it is,” seeks to document personal, compelling stories that shed light on universal themes of human struggle and hope. Ella es el Matador (She is the Matador) was the directorial debut of Gemma Cubero del Barrio and Celeste Carrasco and is the first film produced by Talcual Films. The second feature documentary produced by Talcual Films and directed and shot by Gemma Cubero del Barrio just premiered at the 37th Hawaii International Film Festival in the "Made in Hawaii" section and is now in distribution. Homecoming is the third documentary film currently in production.The production company is available for collaborations.

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Hop on the roller coaster that is the life of cheesecake baking wizard and local punk rock denizen Otto-from the heyday of Honolulu's underground rock scene, this sweet-souled punk rock, roller skating, occasional Hedwig character, drug-fighting impresario shares his extraordinary secret recipe for joy through his masterful and altruistic cheesecake baking that has become a major fixture in Hawaii's culinary scene. This is a true story of a punk rocker who became an entrepeneur, and who just wants to spread aloha one sweet bite at a time.

Ella es el Matador
(She is the Matador)

For Spaniards–and for the world–nothing has expressed the country’s traditionally rigid gender roles more powerfully than the image of the male matador. So sacred was the bullfighter’s masculinity to Spanish identity that a 1908 law barred women from the sport. Ella Es El Matador (She Is The Matador) reveals the surprising history of the women who made such a law necessary, and offers fascinating profiles of two female matadors currently in the arena, the veteran Maripaz Vega and neophyte Eva Florencia. These women are gender pioneers by necessity. But what emerges as their truest motivation is their sheer passion – for bullfighting and the pursuit of a dream. Ella Es El Matador is still showing around the world after his world premiere at SilverDocs AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival, and national broadcast on Point of View (PBS) in 2009.


Homecoming tells the story of the atoll of Pukapuka through the intergenerational story of two bi-cultural women Johnny Frisbie and Amelia Borofsky who journey home after decades away. Facing modernization, environmental, and cultural loss, this 3sq km coral atoll has little contact with outsiders or tourists, and the native community follows a Polynesian way of life lost to most of the Pacific. This character-driven documentary follows the two women on their journey “home” offering a poetic meditation on race, climate change, memory and the universal journey towards wholeness. Homecoming is currently in production.

El Abrazo (The Embrace)

El Abrazo is a feature documentary that follows the lives of Walter Pérez and Leo Sardella, whose entangled love story takes us from the dance halls of New York City and Buenos Aires to the ballrooms of Berlin. Their journey of passion unfolds through the art of tango, an evocative metaphor for personal growth and social change. El Abrazo (The Embrace) is currently in production.